Instinctual Mothering Lactation

Andrea Haskins, lactation counselor

About Me

I'm Andrea! I'm a mom of two and breastfeeding peer counselor and lactation counselor (certified with Childbirth International) with a focus on mother-baby-led intuitive parenting. I believe parents have been led astray by the modern medical-industrial system and the multitude of opinions and information available and have dampened the ability to mother biologically and instinctually. I want to encourage mothers to take back that instinctual power in order to be less dependent on the systems that took away their authority.



Prenatal Counseling

Mentally prepare for breastfeeding by educating yourself on normal newborn feeding habits and how lactation works.

Lactation Counseling

Get evidence based and baby-led resources and information to help you tackle your breastfeeding difficulties with confidence.

Digital Guides and Workshop

Learn to latch without pain with my guide, Latch Lab. Or make informed decisions about breastfeeding vs formula with my worshop- Liquid Gold.



Thanks for all the help with breastfeeding! The specialists at st. joe's were actually amazed that I was a first time mom and kinda knew what was happening!Lol all thanks to you :)

Krissy Sanders